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Medical Tourism

Kerala is fast becoming a popular destination for medical tourism. As more hospitals, clinics and medical services spring up in Kerala, they have increasingly made ties with the tourism industry. 'God's Own Country' which was once regarded as a place for relaxing and unwinding is also becoming a popular destination for achieving health, particularly in the realms of Allopathy, Ayurveda and Dentistry. Many tourists are taking advantage of various medical packages related to the before mentioned realms, particularly due to the increasing presence of trained and experienced doctors and medical facilities in Kerala. Many of the places where these services are offered maintain international standards and are therefore able to deliver cost effective treatments.

Recently, the Confederation of Indian Industry in conjunction with the Government of Kerala put together the "International Conference and Exhibition on Health Tourism" in Kochi.

Why is Kerala the top choice for Medical Health Tourism?

Kerala is easily accessible by air, road and rail, in comparison to markets in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

The climate plays an important role in Kerala as it is moderate, which many tourists prefer.

God has blessed Kerala with hospitals that have exacting International Standards. This helps our hospitals deliver advanced treatments and services by qualified and professional doctors, nurses and medical personnel of various disciplines.

Many medical tourism packages are offered by hospitals via tour operators. As a result, they provide some of the best resorts and hotels. These places have higher standards of hygiene and the rates for medical treatment packages are offered at competitive prices.

Many of these hospitals provide affordable medical insurance as well.

Major Treatments

  •    General Surgery
  •    Knee Replacement
  •    Eye Surgeries
  •    Cardiac Care
  •    Neuro Surgery
  •    Dental Care
  •    Fertility Treatment
  •    Ophthalmology
  •    Orthopedic Surgery
  •    Beauty Treatments


Kerala is increasingly becoming known for the quality of its Dental Care services. Dental Care in Kerala is a cost-effective alternative for residents of western countries and nations in the Middle East. The extremely high cost of dental care in these nations has prompted many Indians and residents of these countries to travel to Kerala in search of a better solution. Dental Care in Kerala draws upon the large manpower of trained dentists and nurses who provide international quality services at very reasonable prices.

Tourists can avail of world-class treatments including specialized periodontal treatment, orthodontic and prosthodontic treatments at dental care centers, dental clinics and hospitals in Kerala. From routine dental procedures such as root canal treatment and surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth to cosmetic dentistry procedures such as tooth realignment and smile designing, dental care in India offers a complete range of medical solutions to medical tourists from around the world.

With well-equipped clinics and hospitals, Dental Care in Kerala has proved to be one of the most popular forms of medical tourism in Kerala. With modern equipment, a completely sterile environment, the use of disposable syringes and gloves, and international standards of treatment, dental care in Kerala now draws large numbers of medical tourists every year. Eager to receive personalized treatment of an international standard at an affordable price, medical tourists have been increasingly exploring the options offered by dental care in Kerala.