General Information

The hospitals align to JCI or the NABH accreditation which are stringent and oriented to the highest standards for medical delivery

In India there is no waiting period or queuing up, either for diagnostic procedures or for treatment. Healthcare is not worth it when there is a prolonged waiting time.

After the initial diagnosis is done and the medical procedure decided upon, your surgery/intervention will be scheduled quickly. In a matter of days any medical procedure can be completed, unlike in some countries where even the diagnostic procedure could take many weeks or months.

a.   Medical History/ Records/ Test reports/ Doctor referral notes/ X-rays

b.   Contact details – Residence/ Driver’s license/ Passport copies

c.   Passport size photos – keep 10-15 in hand for various purposes

d.   Bank statement/ Details of Health insurance, if any.

Vaccinations and up-to-date immunizations are a safeguard for any international travel. However, please check with the doctor in your home country, any Government advisory and also the hospital in India as to what should be taken. The recommended vaccinations would normally be from the following list:

a.   Diptheria Pertussis and Tetanus (DPT)

b.   Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

c.   Polio (Oral Polio Vaccine or Injectable Polio Vaccine)

d.   Hemophilus b conjugate vaccine (Hib)

e.   Hepatitis A

f.   Hepatitis B (when stay goes beyond 60 days)

g.   Typhoid

h.   Japanese B encephalitis (JBE)

Essentials prior to visit

You can just drop mail to kerala tourmart india pvt ltd and we will take care of your booking to that particular hospital of choice.

On prior intimation, Hospitals are most likely to suggest options for stay and arrange for accommodation depending on your need. Kindly verify the same before your visit

Yes, hospitals will provide that. Please ensure that you get this in hand.

The cost as you may be aware, depends on the medical condition, the choice of treatment, the type of room opted for etc.

All your medical history and essential treatment details would be analyzed by the team of experts in the hospitals. They will also provide you the various types of rooms / accommodation packages available and you have to make the selection. Charges are likely to vary by the type of room you take.

If you have health insurance that’s internationally valid / valid in India, please alert the hospitals about it. If it’s an approved insurance provider, hospitals might request you to get an advance payment guarantee which you will have to co-ordinate from your home country.

Hospitals will provide details very clearly.

Usual inclusions are:

a.   Stay and beds

b.   Diet – for patient and bystander

c.   Surgeon and anaesthetist’s fee

d.   Nursing

e.   Doctor’s / specialist consultation and fee

f.   Fee for surgery, theatre room

g.   Consumables used for surgery (sutures, tubes etc.)

Implants and special consumables

a.   These are choice driven. If the medical procedure needs implants or special consumables, the doctors or staff will intimate you. Implants, consumables are of different sizes, types, materials and cost options. Depending on what suits your body condition, there will be a range of choices. You can make the selection on the brands and/or their quality options based on the cost suitability and suggestion of the specialist.

Stay beyond the usual time in the hospital, depending on your recovery is likely to be additional.

Special tests, special medications and high value drugs will be charged extra.

Yes, pick-up and drop will be arranged by us

Medical visa

During my visit/ treatment

Post treatment